tirsdag, juni 19, 2012

Imme Skinfaxe Debut Double Stroll 2012

Gliding away across almost completely still
waters. Avedøre Power Station and the southernmost of the
two Kalvebod Bridges are seen ahead
Name: Imme Skinfaxe Debut Double Stroll 2012
Route: Home-Sydhavnen-home
Participants: Hein
Date: 19 JUN 2012
Distance: 12.7 km (6.4 + 6.3, divided by two hours of square rig sailing)
Time: 1:40 hours (51 minutes + 49 minutes)
Average speed: 7.6 km/h

Note: Not really a march as such - according to my personal rule of a march having to be at least 10 km in one go - but there is good occasion to post a couple of photos: my first session with the viking ship Imme Skinfaxe. I write "first", because it was an experience giving a taste for more.

Getting Stuff Done March 2012

Route: Various errands around Copenhagen, none the least trying out gear for longship voyage
Participant: Hein
Date: 18 JUN 2012
Distance: 21.6 km
Time moving: 2:42 hours
Average speed: below 5 km/h; moving 7.97 km/h

The Sea Stallion - coolest longship in the world.
Got the cap made while doing other errands.
Criss-crossing Copenhagen streets and parks, I ended up in Bishops Arms. I am now less than 25 kilometres from having trained 1100 clicks this spring and thus well beyond my goal before Makoni, namely 1000. I feel ready.