torsdag, februar 23, 2012

Training report: RAFNTMC-II

The "mind the bloody curb, idiot" photo!
Training report. After a six hours in Reading Room North in The Black Diamond, staying till they closed at 9 pm, I figured it was time to walk again. The library is 700 m from home, but I took a more winding road, strolling at random at the waterfront and through Copenhagen. I checked off 10.5 km in the end. Pictures below; the captions will provide valuable insights for readers interested in the city, or at least the links will ;-)

And as a bonus, some pictures from the stroll I did before reading. Walking from home in the afternoon, I couldn't resist making a detour in the lovely weather we had today. Neither walk was done with over-the-top speed, but a backpack of eight kilos of books slows you down a bit, as does picture-taking.

Oh, and by the way! Milestone reached, I passed the 100 km mark of the spring shortly before arriving at my flat. Only 900 more to go before 30 June ...

  • Name: Restless as [expletive] night-time march, Copenhagen, part 2 (RAFNTMC-II) (part 1)
  • Route: Black Diamond - Nyhavn - Skuespilhuset - the waterfront across the Opera House - Kastellet - Østerport - Stockholmsgadekvarteret - Sortedam - Peblinge - Nørreport - Strøget - Kgs. Nytorv
  • Participants: Hein
  • Date: 23 FEB 2012
  • Distance: 10.5 km
  • Time: 1:28 hours (2053-2221)
  • Average speed: 7.1 km/h; a lot of stops to shoot pictures drew down average speed
  • Total training status: look here.

4 km afternoon walk at the waterfront prior to reading

Pictures from around the waterfront near The Royal Library


10.5 km RAFNTMC-II after reading

Reading Room North. I love the oldschool style.

Memorial for sailors lost at sea, at the end of Nyhavn.

From the window exhibition of the shop seen below.

The Opera House of The Royal Theatre as seen from the opposite waterfront.
I used to work as a tour guide in the Opera House for three years.

Colonnade at Esplanaden, home of ... 

... the business seat of A.P. Møller-Mærsk.

A.P. Møller is the largest container ship operator in the world.
Good they haven't moved their business out of our expensive country.

Across from A.P. Møller you have The Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-1945.
In front of it the newest armoured vehicle in Afghanistan ...

"Frit Danmark!"

The Gefion Fountain, the largest monument in Copenhagen.
Check this link for the legend behind Gefion.

"Vore Faldne" (Our Fallen), a monument erected in memory of
Danes fallen in allied and Danish forces service, 1940-1945. Outside Kastellet.

Somewhere in inner Copenhagen. I'll buy a pint for the first one
to name the place in the comments section below!

The LEGO flagstore in Copenhagen. LEGO Royal Life Guards FTW!

Terrorizer: World Downfall

Septic Flesh: The Great Mass

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Daniel sagde ...

Billedet er af Jorcks passage, sidegade til strøget :-)

Hr. T.H. sagde ...

Daniel, du har vundet! Hvilken Daniel er det? Jo nok en jeg kender ;-)

Pisdjuk sagde ...

Ja, der var Daniel hurtig! Hamrende gode billeder Thorbjørn. God weekend!

Hr. T.H. sagde ...

Takker, Henrik; det er jo bare et lille lommekamera, og det er maks to skud af samme motiv, oftest hvis jeg med det samme tydeligt kan se, at det blev rystet.