fredag, februar 17, 2012

Beagle Boy appears in the Dutch press

by Thorbjørn Hein

Haha, I hadn't seen that one coming! The blog post which I wrote immediately after hearing that Camp Heumensoord is in danger was soon after translated and abridged by De Gelder - and published as a letter to the editor. Without my knowledge or consent! It's perfectly all right, though, or rather, it's perfect: the aim of the blog post was of course to create as much awareness as possible about how important the camp is for the military marchers. And for the whole event, actually.

Anyway, the journalist was kind enough to send me a pdf file of the page in the newspaper. Team Beagle Boys can therefore present to you, as promised on the Facebook page supporting Camp Heumensoord, Lieutenant Hein's debut as controversialist in the Dutch written press!

See and/or download the page here: De Gelderlander, page 35, December 10 2011.

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