mandag, februar 13, 2012

Update on the Heumensoord situation

Good news. It has come to my attention (thank you Otto) that on 27 January, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf has reported on the latest development concerning budget costs on the 4 Daagse march.

Johan Willemstein, march leader, tells the paper that things will be as follows:
- a rise in the participant fee, namely eight euros
- Camp Heumensoord is guaranteed to be built in both 2012 and 2013
- the pontoon bridge at Cuijk will be no more.

All things considered, things could be worse. I do think, however, that we whom love Heumensoord should keep on showing our concern. As can be seen, there are no guarantees from 2014 and on.

I therefore urge everyone to be part of the support page on Facebook and to spread awareness of the threat still hovering over our good, old camp.

/Thorbjørn Hein, webmaster, March Team Bjørnebanden/The Beagle Boys.

2 kommentarer:

Sonja sagde ...

That is excellent news! Heumensoord is a fantastic place to be during the marches. I'm born and raised in Nijmegen (moved to Sweden 10 years ago) and I have been there visiting friends that were walking and stayed there myself when I walked the Marches in 2003. So much fun, it just HAS to stay in the future! Keep up the good work!!


Hr. T.H. sagde ...

Agree, Sonja! Thanks for commenting.