Portrætfoto af Thorbjørn Hein, officer
Port Victoria, Seychelles, 2014:
Commander and Staff Public Affairs Officer
Photo: Anders Gaden

Civil Servant

Thorbjørn Hein
Head of Press & Communication, DALO

- University of Copenhagen, Political Science (MSc, BSc) and English (Minor)
- Royal Defence Academy, Military Studies (MSc - credit transfer masters degree) 
- Danish School of Journalism
- Army Academy, Land Military Operations Degree (VUT-I)
- Naval Academy, Naval Strategy Course (VUK level)
- Danish Institute for Military Studies strategy course
- Various military branch schools and courses
- Army Combat School, Lieutenants Course
- Army NCO School, Sergeant

International work experience
- Joint Arctic Command, Liaison Element, Faroe Islands (part-time, occasionally 2018-2022)
- Joint Arctic Command, Executive Office, Greenland (2016)
- Maersk Line HQ, Esplanaden (2015-2016)
- International military deployments:
     - Staff Public Affairs Officer (SPAO) on board HDMS Niels Juel, Baltic and North Sea (2018)   
     - SPAO on board HDMS Absalon, Libya (2016)
     - SPAO and Branch Chief Info Ops on board HDMS Esbern Snare, Indian Ocean (2014)
     - 2nd in Command, Civilian-Military Cooperation Section, Afghanistan (2010-2011)
     - 2nd in Command, Psychological Operations Planning Section, Afghanistan (2008)
     - Guard Platoon Commander, United Nations Stand-by Forces, Eritrea (2000-2001)
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
     - Public Diplomacy Advisor to the Danish Ambassador in London (2010)
     - Defence Section Intern, Danish Embassy in London (2009)
- NATO exercises in multinational staffs (see below)

General work experience, a selection
- Head of Press & Communication, Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisitions & Logistics Organisation (2022-)
- Commander reservist (NAVY), Executive Officer, InterForce Executive Office (2022-)
- Deputy Head, Communication Consultant, InterForce Executive Office (2018-22)
Candidate for The Conservative People’s Party in Copenhagen (2021)
- Owner, De Gule Stokke Kommunikation (2017-)
- Freelance journalist (DJ), various magazines and a few articles in the daily press (2009-)
- Various big exercises at home and abroad, on land and at sea, up to 4 weeks at a time (1999-)
- Lieutenant Commander on contract, PA for Major General, InterForce Executive Office (2016-2017)
- Lieutenant Commander reservist (NAVY), Info Ops Branch, Danish Task Group (2013-2017)
- Royal Life Guards (ARMY) Sergeant, then Reserve Officer: 2nd Lt, 1st Lt, Capt (1997-2013)
- Bartender, Studenterhus Aarhus (2008)
- Junior college ("gymnasium") teacher of social science, Greve Gymnasium (2006-2007)
- Proof reader, Kristeligt Dagblad editorial staff (2006)
- Guide, lecturer, consultant, The Royal Danish Theatre Opera House (2004-2007)
- Student assistant, Institute of Political Science (2002-2004)
- And quite a bit more

Volunteer work, an example
- Project Organizer: march leader in the working group planning and executing the March Copenhagen to Nijmegen: leading 50 Dutch and Danish marchers through 16 days of 650 km of marching in July 2012.
- Huge amounts of further organisational volunteer work, like sports coach, juror, student politics, reserve officer association board, social and creative activities at university etc. etc.

- Marching, hiking, swimming, outdoor life, writing about it
- Sailing viking ships: years 2012-2013, 2015-2017, 2019 cruises with "The Sea Stallion" (since 2016 as a certified Sea Stallion Able Seaman and as a mid-level leader)
- Reading, movies, theatre, opera, ballet, Netflix, other culture consumption
- Going all geeky with little toy soldiers (wargaming, both historical, sci-fi, and fantasy)
- Music, all kinds, but especially heavy metal (for a while worked freelance for print magazine Metalized)
- Politics (active member of a political party)
- Going to fancy dress parties/gala balls

Linkedin CV
Extensive CV on Thorbjørn Hein's linkedin profile can be found here.

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