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Copenhagen Images, February 2012

Last update: 28 February 2012

Copenhagen Images, February 2012

by Thorbjørn Hein

No walking? Forget it, Red Man, remember the words
of Søren Kierkegaard (see column right).
Pictures. Those whom follow the blog, for whatever unimaginable reasons, will have learned that I use the term "strolls" for training sessions of two to about nine kilometres. In the conservative sense of the word, a stroll is usually done at a more relaxed pace than at up to eight kilometres an hour, but hey.

Anyway, I don't bother to write "official" training reports after e.g. having walked 2.5 kilometres to the library. That doesn't mean, however, that I don't use my camera during everyday walks like that. This and future blog post are dedicated those pictures; I'll update posts for each month now and then.

For even more pictures, you can always go to the training status post and find links to official marches and training sessions, like e.g. this night-time march.

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21 FEB 2012

Rosenborg Castle.
Posing with a lion guarding the bridge
to the renaissance castle.

From a distance.

Elsewhere in the park, "Kongens Have"; a view
to the national gallery.

Later that evening: City Hall Square, broken up, as usual ...

Progressive cinema Grand. Nice place.

The department store "Magasin du Nord" at Kgs. Nytorv, "The King's Square", at
which the company has had a store since 1870.

Some building at Storkespringvandet (fountain from 1894), Amager Torv.

22 FEB 2012
Back in "Kongens Have" (also known as Rosenborg Castle Gardens.
Helping out some dude killing a snake. Like a baws.

The moat.

Flying rats.
"Liden Gunver" by Theobald Stein (1898-1899)

"Liden Gunver vandrer som helst i Qvel. Saa tankefuld. Hendes hjerte var Vox, hendes unge Siel var prøvet Guld. O vogt dig, mit barn, for de falske Mandfolk!" (link)

 24 FEB 2012
"Go home, Yankee hipster." This mural in Nørrebro District is by Shepard Fairey, the guy with the iconic 2008 election poster for Barrack Obama, "Hope". Fairey made himself hugely unpopular among Danish leftwing activists when he did this painting. An all-together silly story. Read about it here.

26 FEB 2012

Atlas, near Østerport Station like the two statues below.
Erected in honour of awesome
Danish composer Carl Nielsen.

"Norway Thanks Denmark. 1940-1945."
Honestly, I think Denmark has more to thank
Norway for concerning WWII, but thank you for
the thank you!

Moon over Stockholmsgade were I took my
A-levels ("Gymnasium" in Danish).
Clear skies over Kgs. Nytorv as well.

Jorcks Passage in inner Copenhagen.
The warrior bishop Absalon whom developed
Copenhagen from a hamlet to a real harbour city
from 1167 AD and on.

Christiansborg - the parliament.

Christiansborg - "Christian's Castle" - again.
"Børsen", the old stock exchange.

XXX 28 FEB 2012

Main entrance to the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg.

Yours truly at the same location.

The Royal Library Gardens - closed for the night.

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