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Commemoration ceremony: Capt Christian Damholt

Captain Damholt in Afghanistan.
In remembrance. Four years ago, on 17 March 2008, Capt Christian J.G. Damholt of the Danish Home Guard was killed by a suicide bomber in the city of Gereshk, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. A colleague from his CIMIC unit, Warrant Officer Sonny Kappel Jakobsen, was also killed in the attack.

Capt Damholt served his conscription time as an infantryman in the Beagle Boys' regiment, the Royal Life Guards. After having completed an education in civilian life, he joined the Home Guard and was sent to The Royal Danish Army Officers Academy, eventually becoming a professional officer.

Up until Capt Damholt was sent to Afghanistan, his daily work was at Home Guard District North West Funen. His commander was Major Sven Andersen.

Sven is the chief of the Makoni march delegation. Today, we had a meeting between the Makoni command group and the volunteer support group for the marchers (article about that, in Danish, here). As it is, this meeting was held at the barracks where Capt Damholt used to work for Sven. A small ceremony was held in Capt Damholt's memory, at noon like every year on 17 March. Family members and personnel from the Home Guard participated.

Solemn, dignified. Then we had lunch and continued our Makoni meeting, which was productive and boded well for the quality of the logistic work essential for an undertaking like the one we are planning.

Major Sven Andersen saluting his fallen comrade.

Sources (in Danish):
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