tirsdag, marts 06, 2012

Training status update, early March

Kastellet, "The Citadel", from which MAKONI
will leave on the morning of 30 June 2012.
MAKONI. There are now less than four months to the MAKONI team leaving from the gates of Kastellet, foot-bound for Nijmegen.

The following training milestones have been reached:

First training session - JAN 21
First 10+ km solo march - FEB 12
First 20+ km solo march - FEB 20
100 km accumulated - FEB 23
First 30+ km solo march - FEB 25
200 km accumulated - MAR 02
First two-day march - MAR 03-04
300 km accumulated - MAR 05

As of 5th of March, I have done 303.6 km in 2012, and from here on, those roads will be hit even harder by those boots on that lieutenant, yo. I am bit ahead compared to 2007, but I know that for various reasons there will be a low in May, so no excuses for being idle now.

The detailed training diary is here.

Next up on the blog: there will soon enough be some pictures and text from the weekend walking events of MAR 02-04.


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