torsdag, oktober 20, 2011

Rexen! (The "Rex" - chest emblem of HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark's monogram)

Worn on the left shirt pocket of the personnel from The Royal Life Guards and The Guard Hussars. If you're "born" at one of these regiments, you go through a rough hell weekish exercise as the final part of your three months as a raw recruit before being award the coveted symbol. Personnel being transferred from other regiments get the "rex" automatically.

EDIT on 21 October: I should have made a note on the design to begin with, but here goes. The "M" for "Margrethe" is easy to spot, but also note the elegant way the number "2" - for Margrethe the Second - and "R" - for Regina - are woven together. The queen designed this herself upon her ascend to the throne in 1972.

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