fredag, januar 11, 2013

Photo report: London Reminiscence Spring Strolling 2012

Nostalgic. After 84 km of RAF march in the weekend, I wanted to see a bit of "my" old city before flying home. I strolled around at the highest speed I could, considering about 30 kilos of unhandy luggage. Nice spring day, as documented below with about 30 pics from Central London, Chelsea, and Battersea.
  • Name: London Reminiscence Spring Strolling 2012
  • Date: 30 APR 2012
  • Route: strolling round and about with breaks, see the pics
  • Distance: 7.2 km
  • Time: -
  • Average speed: -
  • Participants: Hein
  • Note: hauling c. 30 bulky and irksome kilos
  • Total training status 2012: look here.
See more photos below.

Check the album cover:

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