torsdag, november 22, 2012

Training report: RAFNTMC-III

The chips are just right (even though I, as any sane person, would
prefer cut chips) and the tatar sauce is roughly chopped. Sadly,
the mushy peas are cool. I hope they change that some fine day!
Training report. Dozing off while trying to read at Bishops, I got up and let my legs lead me around the deserted streets. Therefore, here are some pics from the rambling about in night-time Copenhagen. I love my city.

I would never have bothered photographing
this car back in the happy days living in the
UK, but in insanely over-taxed Denmark, a
vehicle like this is a seldom sight.

The main offices and distribution area of the national postal service

"Madhuset" ("The Food House"), some restaurant. Never been there, but the glowing box caught my eye.

View to the north from the bridge at Dybbølsbro St / the mall "Fisketorvet".


  • Name: Restless as [expletive] night-time march, Copenhagen, part 3 (RAFNTMC-III)
  • Route: Bishops Arms, round and about, home
  • Participants: Hein
  • Date: 20-21 MAR 2012
  • Distance: 10.3 km
  • Time: 1:25 hours (2315-0040)
  • Average speed: 7.3 km/h
  • Total training status: look here.
  • 2 kommentarer:

    Jörg Rückert sagde ...

    38Hej Thorbjörn, super gode billeder. Hvordan bär man sig ad at gå 7,3 km/h i snitt når du har taget disse flotte fotos? OK lange ben men a lie vel.

    Hr. T.H. sagde ...

    Hehe, tak for kommentaren, Jörg.