søndag, september 15, 2019

Copenhagen Half 2019 (march)

Finish line: marching across it with horns up.
Photo credit if nothing else noted in this text: Cph Half organisers.
Marathon March. As a follow-up to my Facebook check-in with a medal photo, here is a collection of pictures mostly taken by the Copenhagen Half organisers. I have only praise for this event. Everything is going like clockwork. A pleasure to participate in.

Concerning the race from my point of view: the right knee is far from ready for actual running (while less than a year ago I was faster than 1h45m at a half marathon). Therefore I decided to done boots, trousers, Benediction Tee (a shout-out to Mr David Ingram) and none the least the good, old battle vest (est. 1992 in primary school) - and WALK.

Got a score of approving nods/smiles and horns up from good people overtaking me. A nice day with lots of happy people getting themselves moving. No. 1 broke the world record and the last finisher, 80 years old, closed the race after four hours. My own march time was 2h39m30s with which I am quite satisfied: a pace slightly faster than 7.9 km/h is approved in my book. Actually it's the second-best official march record for me (I'll probably never beat what I did in 2013).

The day was topped off by a surprise from my neighbours - they’re too sweet! See pic of that and more below.

9 kilometres of walking. Goal: no slower than an 8 minute pace, and that turned out to be within scope.

Holmens Kirke, parliament in the background, checking pace on the phone.

Finish line!

Happy finisher.

Metal finisher.

The back of the battle vest; a sight that many lucky runners got to see - most of them overtaking me ;-) (Selfie).

My neighbours saw my Facebook update about having raced and immediately knocked on my door offering a huge piece of homemade cake as well as pancakes. How kind is that? #nyboderliv Photo: the writer.

Screen shot of the splits. Finished as no. 22.208, thereby being faster than 828 other finishers. Well done to everybody, especially first-time runners.

As "usual" I start slow and then pick up the pace. Fine with me.

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