torsdag, juli 11, 2013

Camp Heumensoord saved until at least 2017

Situational update. Good news indeed. The Gelderlander newspaper published an article a few days ago, stating that the Dutch MoD has guaranteed the building of the legendary 4Daagse military camp, Heumensoord, until at least 2017. Part of the contract is that other NATO forces will participate in the activities, using the engineering tasks as an actual military exercise. That makes so much sense, me thinks. Thank you to Lieutenant and hardcore marcher Ms Lene Madsen for bringing the news to my attention.

Facebook page
Concerning the Facebook page founded by March Team Beagle Boys called "Don't Close Camp Heumensoord, Nijmegen," I will still encourage all readers to continue promoting and sharing it: pages like that send a signal, even though we still aren't even 700 fans.

Read Google Translate's version of the article below.

Marches and Defence conclude contract for 5 years

The Marches and Defence signs a new contract on July 17 for a period of 5 years. This is the survival of the military camp Heumensoord to 2017 guaranteed.

Defence cuts have sharply compared to other years. The contract is the result of intensive lobbying by the organization of the Marches at Defence.

Last year, both parties were uncertain about the future of military participation in the walking march. Defence has proposed to withdraw because of the significant cuts in the armed forces of the Netherlands. Unplug all forms of cooperation exercise.

The Marches is partly seen as an exercise and preparation for military operations. Thus, the pontoon bridge at Suburbs built by soldiers who thus gain experience, this year for the first time in cooperation with Belgian and German soldiers.

Rest Areas
Another part of the contract: several large resting places of the Marches are not furnished in pastures. In particular, the military medical posts in Wijchen Beuningen will now in big sports halls along the route to find and not in a meadow.

The original article in Dutch here.

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