lørdag, juni 15, 2013

Jehova's Witnesses a-knocking on a day of COPENHELL!

An ugly picture of mine from the performance of
Ghost and then the reading material generously bestowed
on me today ...
In the many years that I have on and off lived at Ydre Østerbro, I have NEVER had Jehova's Witnesses knock on my door before 10 minutes ago. I must admit that the inner provocateur in me had a childish giggle at being able to tell the polite, Watch Tower distributing couple that "sorry, I really don't have time to enter into a dialogue, since I am off for Copenhell soon". Apart from the knocking at the door in itself, they were not imposing, so happy trails to them for the rest of this so far sunny Sunday.

Attention festival goers, though: everywhere in Denmark, except on Bornholm, DMI foresees cloudbursts ("skybrud") in the afternoon. Perhaps pack a fitting jacket or coat to go over the black Tee

Some impressions below.

Someone else's (good) pic of Papa Emeritus II fronting Ghost
And yesterday, by the way? Ghost were not too lively, but it was good, cheesy fun, and the music is still ridiculously catchy.

Illdisposed reminded me that Death Metal is the most masculine (disclaimer: not saying that that is the same as "the best"), powerful form of music in this universe.

Swedish In Flames were energetic and urged the fans to surf the crowd - so that the band "could get to smell the Danes!" And crowdsurfing then started, big time!

The red-eyed cyclops of French Celeste took the listeners away in a perpetual sea of stage smoke, noisy guitar atmospherics and brutal drumming.

Alice in Chains yesterday.
Alice in Chains opened up with "Them Bones" and then "Dam that River" and had me there - but dragged things out later on and I lost interest.

Good thing, then, that there is lots of other stuff to be entertained by at Copenhell, like the Biergarten where metal DJs have the attendees cheering and singing along classics from Iron Maiden to Slayer.

57-year-old Glenn Danzig and aptly-named band Danzig closed the party, but I found it rather boring, really, and was too tired to wait the whole gig out just to hear "Last Caress" live.

And now, like I promised the Witnesses, I am soon off for another day of metal madness, the main treat being none other than Kim Bendix Petersen, a.k.a. the MIGHTY King Diamond!


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