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Impressions from a Death Metal concert, part I

Bands of the night: Bolt Thrower, Downlord, SLD
Impressions from a Death Metal concert, part I

This article was published six years ago on my personal blog which I don't use anymore. Therefore the report gets a re-run here.

by Thorbjørn Hein

The article is published unedited as it was first seen. Because I couldn't be bothered to spend time updating! Will say, though, that the drunk guitarist getting stickered by Michael Poulsen (from Volbeat) is of course Lasse Bak of Illdisposed renown.


On Maundy Thursday ("Skærtorsdag"), April 13 2006, Bolt Thrower, Downlord, and something called Slow Death Factory (I think they're from Jutland ...) performed at The Rock in downtown Copenhagen.

Below are some of the not-so-pro photos yours truly snapped that evening, beginning ...

... at my then girlfriend's, drinking a fine bottle of wine!

"Look, it's fine!"

Wupti-doo, now Jens (former brother-in-law) and I are ready to queue up in Skindergade, along with the rest of the of the audience *tries to avoid writing "metal heads"*

Well, they are all queueing up ... In a line, see?

I can see Jens frem here!

Downlord at it!

Donovan ripping it up on his costum-made - by himself, that is - axe.

Some more ripping!

And they're about done ripping ... Check out the Downlord debut album "Random Dictionary of the Damned", out February 2007. It's worth a buy, definitely. Damn cool, pure, brutal Oldschool Death Metal.

"'Eeeey!" Jens and the writer posing.

The crowd.

And yes, the crowd is still there.

One audience member, apparently, does not mind his occasional bit of Napalm Death, and who can blame him? Well, certainly not I, for sure!

And the Århusinians (or whatever) enter the stage.

Here's one the two guitarists (lead - maybe? Dunno). Notice the T-shirt.

"Thor" is - among many other things - a Jutlandic beer brewery. As we shall see, this musician likes his beer.

This is the so-called act of headbanging. An action here combined with performing on a musical instrument - no small feat.

The growler is really mad about something. In the case of Slow Death Factory I think maybe it has to do with the fact that they had priced their merchandise and demos too high. I didn't buy anything, anyway.

But! He does have his beer, luckily. No telling how pissed he would've been otherwise!

What!? Isn't that? Yes, it is, that's Michael Poulsen (formerly of Dominus) from highly succesful Danish metal'n'roll band Volbeat.

And Michael Poulsen quickly snatches the opportunity to brand his band.

It looks as is if that branding-thing should actually be taken literally - that man is suffering from something, clearly, and why not a searing pain on his chest and forearm?

And that's all about SDF for now.

[Insert witty commentary about any given or several member(s) of the audience, making up a story to go with any given facial expression of said one or more audience member(s)]

The Bolt Thrower set-list!!! Yeah!

And there goes Barry "Baz" Thompson, lead guitarist of headlining Bolt Thrower!

"Wuu-huuuuu, Karl (Willets, growler) is drinking a beer!" Nice profile shot, hehe, as the band enters the stage.

Gavin Ward, in the shaky stile of my rather primitive camera.

The man is one cool, oldschool trooper, no question about it!

There it is again, genuine headbanging!



And Karl Willets, truly one of the all-time best growlers of the Death Metal genre, happily working the crowd. And it was a full house, by the way.

Baz (guitarist of Bolt Thrower) and Thorbjørn! The band members themselves stand in the merchandise stall before their gigs. Be aware that this band is world famous and HUGE within their genre. But so down to earth.

'Twas a great gig. I think it was the fourth time I saw a Bolt concert, and they have never been better. "Those Once Loyal" is an excellent - really excellent! - album and the live performance lived up to all my high expectations.

/Thorbjørn, 2007.

"The Rock"'s own photos of the gig (The Rock has now closed, dunno where the pics are today, -th 2013)
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