tirsdag, april 29, 2014

"What to say?!" picture: RAF 2 Day March 2014

OMG. With permission from photographer Marcus N Nørgaard (and possibly from the depicted walkers ...), we bring you a scene from outside The Hartley Arms, Staffordshire, on Saturday 26 April.

Conceivably, this photo sums up Danish military road marching culture. I'm not sure what I mean with that, but it feels right. Anyhoo, 'twas a fine trip to the Midlands this year. We've experienced pretty rough weather in the past, so the hot and humid, non-windy climate of 26-27 April 2014 was a relative relief.

More pictures to follow. Or not. I don't get paid to manage this blog, you know, my exacting readers. Hæhæ.


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