lørdag, maj 25, 2013

British soldier murdered. We stand by the UK.

Denmark and the United Kingdom, shoulder by shoulder.
Attack on us all. You have read the news. Seen the shocking video of a homebred terrorist holding cleaver and knife in blood-smeared hands. Spreading words of hate. I will not dignify this cowardly terrorist with showing his evil face in this article as well.

Many of us in March Team Beagle Boys / Bjørnebanden have served with the British Armed Forces. I have the outmost respect for my colleagues in the UK.

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It grieved my heart to hear about the travesty in Woolwich. My thoughts go to the UK population as a whole and to the family and the armed forces specifically.

Show your support and respect by liking this Facebook group: RIP Woolwich soldier.

Drummer Rigby was wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt when he was murdered in cold blood. Support this worthy organisation by wearing their merchandise. The best deed of defiance I can come up with in the face of this outrageous attack on all what we stand for. Their shop offers lots of really cool stuff, and even for non UK citizens, the postage and packing charges are from low to free. Shop here.

With condolences,


Drummer Lee Rigby, veteran of Afghanistan, murdered by terrorists on his own soil.

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