tirsdag, juni 19, 2012

Getting Stuff Done March 2012

Route: Various errands around Copenhagen, none the least trying out gear for longship voyage
Participant: Hein
Date: 18 JUN 2012
Distance: 21.6 km
Time moving: 2:42 hours
Average speed: below 5 km/h; moving 7.97 km/h

The Sea Stallion - coolest longship in the world.
Got the cap made while doing other errands.
Criss-crossing Copenhagen streets and parks, I ended up in Bishops Arms. I am now less than 25 kilometres from having trained 1100 clicks this spring and thus well beyond my goal before Makoni, namely 1000. I feel ready.

Wooden cannon at playground, overlooking the moat at "Stadsgraven" and Hotel Radisson Blu.
A couple of these will come in handy on the ship.

My part of the trip starts in Kerteminde, immediately after Makoni.
The Sea Stallion, a.k.a. Havhingsten: world's largest authentic viking ship reconstruction. 30 metres, 60 oars, and a 112 m2 square rig.

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