mandag, november 21, 2011

Grand eXtreme 2012, Lithuania: 24 - 27 May

Poster boys!

The great marching organizers in Lithuania have decided upon the dates for next year's 2x100 km eXtreme: 24th to 27th of May 2012.

As can be seen, yours truly has had the honour of getting his ugly mug on the poster along with two Heroes of the Road, Max and Andrius.

Hope to see all you guys and girls in Lithuania soon again.

/Thunder Bear

Important note: on the 17th of February, the organizers made public that the time of the march has been changed into being 24 - 27 May. This blog posting is now edited in accordance.

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Daniel sagde ...

Nice :-)

Hr. T.H. sagde ...

Yeah, isn't it? :-)

Hang around the blog for 20 minutes more, I on the other hand have terrible news for the military marching world :-(