mandag, september 29, 2008

The Ultimate Battle Rifle

Marchbloggen har ligget i koma i et års tid. Måske kan den komme på hjul igen, vi må se. Foreløbig smider jeg lige lidt gung ho-læsning fra


Belgium may be best known for fine shotguns, rich chocolate and tasty waffles, but for you and me, this quaint little country is the home of the world's finest major-caliber battle rifle, the FN-FAL. Renowned throughout the world for its rugged reliability, the FAL was manufactured in 10 countries in its heyday and issued to over 70 armies, not to mention various irregulars and mercenaries.
In fact it was the FAL's calling card as the weapon of mercs that gained it the most notoriety.

Col. "Mad" Mike Hoare, an Irish-born World War II veteran who immigrated to South Africa and went on to become one of the Dark Continent's most celebrated mercenaries, unwittingly did more to promote the legend of the FAL as the merc's gun-of-choice when he led a daring hostage rescue mission into the Belgian Congo in 1964 and freed a group of Americans and Belgians. In the days following the raid, Mad Mike's men held off the rebels long enough to evacuate over 1,800 European and American civilians.

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Det lyder lækkert, jeg har sku savnet lidt lir.

Anonym sagde ...

ja det har vi andre sgu også, og jeg rendte ind i robert for en måneds tid siden, han ville arrangerer en jule march så vi venteri spænding